Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography of the 6 to 8 articles to be used for the Week 7 Course Paper is due 8/6/17.  The articles you use for this assignment  related to vision dysfunction and how it effects mental health and evidence-based, meaning that each article’s primary focus is reporting on a study conducted by its author(s).  Expert opinion essay style or “meta-analysis” articles which survey a number of studies conducted by other authors, popular press publications such as Psychology Today, books and websites may not be used for either your Annotated Bibliography.

A bibliography is a list of any sources used for writing a paper or other course assignment with a brief paragraph or two describing what a source covers directly under its title listing. These paragraphs must be written in the your own words and each will end with a statement of how its respective article is related to one or more others on the bibliography and how it is linked to the Course Paper topic. All should be written in objective voice with no use of first-person “I” or second-person “you” pronouns or personal experience sharing.  Copying is prohibited, and will result in asking for my money back, and quoting isn’t accepted for this assignment. You will not need to source credit within your annotated bibliography article description paragraphs because they are already cited via the article title above each one.

This assignment must be completed per the course general writing standards and in APA format.

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