We will be discussing important and controversial healthcare issues throughout this quarter. You  will select an issue that is near and dear to your heart, whether it is because it affects you, your family, your work, our society or the world. You must clearly state the issue, discussing both its background and current situation and the impact upon the respective stakeholders. You must come to a conclusion as to what will or should happen in the future with this issue. Your paper should be two to three [2-3] pages in length. You must use APA citation format. Please check your grammar and spelling. You must cite at least two to three [2-3] outside references from the internet, newspapers or journals or books from our library or internet library.

Each individual paper will be written and graded separately (using the rubric below).

Sample topics:

  • Government role in health spending
  • Need for health care services
  • Access to health care services
  • Use of ambulatory care services
  • Public health and prevention
  • Hospital organization
  • History of mental health services
  • Continuum of long term care services
  • The American physician/ the American nurse
  • Principles of managed care

please check and correct my homework below


footnotes in the MLA format and fulfill the above points within four pages.



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