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Pharmacotherapy For Cardiovascular Disorders

Despite the high mortality rates associated with cardiovascular disorders, improved treatment options do exist that can help address those risk factors that afflict the majority of the population today. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF As an advanced practice nurse, it is your responsibility to recommend appropriate treatment options for patients with cardiovascular disorders. […]

Devry Nr508 Week 7 Quiz 2016

Question 1. In Parkinson disease (PD), the basal ganglia influences the hypothalamic function to produce which grouping of clinical manifestations? Inappropriate diaphoresis, orthostatic hypotension, constipation, and urinary retention Asymmetric, regular, rhythmic tremors with slow alternating flexion and extension contractions Involuntary contractions of skeletal muscles that impair active and passive movement Bradykinesia of chewing, swallowing, and articulation […]

HSA 515 Assignment 1

Click the link above to submit your assignment. Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center. Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center. Assignment 1: Legal Aspects of U.S. Health Care System Administration Due Week 4 and worth 100 points Prevailing wisdom reinforces the fact that […]


I have two articles and I want you to write the summary for each one hafe page and I want both today.     first article http://www.biospace.com/News/gilead-may-take-page-out-of-pfizers-game-plan-as/407528   Second article   Forbes Will Gilead Follow The Pfizer Game Plan For Sales Growth? John LaMattina February 9, 2016   Back in 1989 Pfizer was a mid-tier pharmaceutical company […]

Discussion 1: Socio-Emotional Development

Cultural behaviors and practices vary dramatically around the globe, though no one practice is more effective than the other. These cultural behaviors and practices not only enrich the lives of children but also impact child development, group dynamics, and all aspects related to thinking (e.g., decision making). Thus, all domains of psychology—affective, behavioral, and cognition […]

Final Med

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered. Post your initial response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.  To support your work, use your course text readings and also use outside sources. As with all assignments, cite your sources and provide references in APA […]

Nursing Research And Evidence Based Practice With Picot Question

Today is week 1 day 2.  I need discussion question by Weds.  The picot question in this discussion question will be the question for the paper.  So I need discussion question complete and the 3 part paper.   Discussion: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice   In your practice as a nurse, you may use procedures and methods that […]

Biology Lab Experiment Report

10 pages report about this experiment  PLEASE SEE THE EXAMPLE IN THE ATTACHMENT USE THIS INFORMATION AND FIND MORE REFERENCES AND MORE INFORMATION  ADD FIGURES AND DIGRAM TO THE REPORT   PROJECT DESCRIPTION Does protein level affect the metabolic rate of zebrafish? STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM dietary ingredients, nutrients as well as anti-nutritional factors are important […]

Identify the theoretical orientation you have selected to use.

The problem-solving model was first laid out by Helen Perlman. Her seminal 1957 book, Social Casework: A Problem-Solving Process, described the problem-solving model and the 4Ps. Since then, other scholars and practitioners have expanded the problem-solving model and problem-solving therapy. At the heart of problem-solving model and problem-solving therapy is helping clients identify the problem and the goal, […]


As you have learned in Modules 1 and 2, prokaryotes share many common features that differentiate them from eukaryotes, such as: Lack of nuclear membrane, unicellularity, division by binary-fission and generally small size. As introduced on the Home page of Module 3, various species differ and can be classified into taxonomic groups based on several […]