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Biology And Technology In The Real World

DUE April 26, 2015 Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World Addresses course outcomes 1-4: ·         recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems ·         make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations ·         weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method […]


Anne Kolsky    3 posts   Re: Topic 10 DQ 2  Importance of EBP for BSN-RN  Sustainability of evidence-based practice has waned. One thing I have noticed in my workplace is that people (including myself) tend to take the path of least resistance. “It’s easier to…” My mentor and I have had many conversations about this. It’s […]

Aging Adult

Aging Adult Case Study A 68-year-old client lives alone and is independent with all ADLs, has no restrictions for mobility, and is competent, and oriented x4. The client is on a fixed income, but has enough to manage a modest lifestyle. The client has family and social supports but is very independent and is proud […]

Academic Success And Professional Development Plan Part 4: Research Analysis

v Architect Daniel Libeskind is credited with saying “To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history, but to articulate it.” The suggestion is that his work does not copy the efforts of others but relies on it. Understanding the work of others is critically important to new work. Contributions to the nursing body of […]

Health Assessment

Post an explanation of the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors associated with the patient you were assigned. Explain the issues that you would need to be sensitive to when interacting with the patient, and why. Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient to build his or her health history […]

Principles And Theories Of Ethics

Assignment: Complete both case studies: 1. Apply Guido’s MORAL model to resolve the dilemma presented in the case study described in EXERCISE 4–3 (Guido textbook). How might the nurses in this scenario respond to the physician’s request? How would this scenario begin to cause moral distress among the nursing staff, and what are the positive […]

Intermediate Medical Coding

1.Dr. Hansen, an orthopedist, is seeing Andrew, a 72 year old established male patient today who has complaints of severe knee pain in both knees and repeated falls over the past 2 months. Dr. Hansen completes a detailed history and exam with medical decision making of moderate complexity, including X-rays of each knee which show […]


Part 1 I would like you to research one adaptation for 5 plants and 5 animals (can be any type of adaptation that allows that species to survive and reproduce) and write a few sentences explaining each one (does not have to be long). You need to include the name and a picture of each […]

Reaction Paper Based On An Article That Must Be Read.

Instructions for Writing your Reaction Papers Each paper you select to write about should be one of the journal papers that are being read for the course (see the General Course Outline below for a list of papers). It should be submitted at the beginning of class the day the reading is due. Once you have […]


Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly writing? Throughout your degree program, you will use research literature to explore ideas, guide your thinking, and gain new insights. As you search the research literature, it is important to use resources that are peer-reviewed and from scholarly journals. You may already have some […]