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What concept was the hardest for you to wrap your head around so far? Explain to your classmates why you are struggling with this particular topic. The intent of this forum is to generate discussion on a variety of topics covered so far in the course, so the more descriptive you are in your troubles, the better your classmates can help you fill the holes in your understanding. You need not pick a topic that is unique to previous posts, but be sure to title your post in a way that your classmates can easily identify your chosen topic.

Your Replies to Other Discussions

Look through your classmates discussions. Is there a topic you can help your fellow students with? Perhaps you found a great resource on the web that enhanced your understanding that you can share, or came up with a good study tool to develop your own understanding, or maybe it is a topic that you came into the class with an strong understanding. Share what you know and help your fellow classmates be successful on the exam!

DO NOT just reply by saying you struggled with the same thing. Your reply must be something that is constructive and helpful to the student that created the post.

To receive full credit, you must:

  • Write in complete sentences that are thoughtful, well written, and free of typos.
  • Address all parts of the forum topic.
  • Use vocabulary presented in the learning materials appropriately.
  • Create a discussion and reply to another discussion by 8:00 pm on Saturday of week 4 (7 days after week 4 module becomes available).

topic for the forum:

reply to student 1:

Something that I found confusing was during lab two, there was a section where we had to calculate index of dispersion (Id). It was part 3, question 3. In the report procedure it said calculations may not be exact, but if Id = 1, then distribution pattern is random. If Id = n, then distribution pattern is clumped. If Id = 0, then distribution pattern is uniform. My excel calculation came out to be 1.21. Maybe I am used to working down to the exact decimal but at what point would Id not be able to identify with a distribution pattern?

reply to student 2:

I think the hardest concept that we have learned so far for me had to be Lab 3 Paradox of Enrichment. I didn’t think at first this lab would be that difficult so I just went with the flow and started the lab. I should of took more time to read everything before I let the simulation go. After reading my feedback from the teacher I realized I should of took more time and fully explained everything instead of just a couple sentences in each question. I went back to simulation and did it all oven again and took my time and everything made much more sense.

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