Bio Homework

This assignment has 5 parts :

Chapter 1 discusses SEX, ok not the act but how sexes are formed and what can go wrong and when.  I inserted this topic because of the unbelievable coverage of homosexuality and transexuality recently.  Some information is in the readings and research that you do.  Do not do do not write LONG answers but at least a paragraph.

Part 1: Read CASE A in chapter 1 and look at case B (p.23) and then read FRYE v US attached above. Keeping in mind that all legal cases used FRYE to determine if science is acceptable, using that information, READ these hypotheticals below and answer what you think and why.

1. A woman is pregnant and has her first ultrasound.  She is so happy when she is told she is having a boy.  then the baby is born it is a girl.  She sues. How could her attorney use FRYE to win her case?

2. A couple wants to use sex selection and go to a specialist, he asks them why they want to use it.  They state they want a girl because all they seem to have is boys. 8 of them to be exact.  He says NO, that the reason for wanting this is not a sound one.  The couple sues.  Given that sex selection is so new the judge finds for the doctor. How could FRYE be used by the couple’s attorney to get a new trial?

3.A couple finds out they are pregnant.  The woman’s mother says she hopes it will be a boy and advises her to eat starch during her pregnancy she will have one for sure.  Would this work, why or why not?


Compare the cases of Maria Patino (case in chapter 1), Dr. Money, and Caitin Jenner, Using the chart attached. Do research you are not expected to KNOW this material.

watch Video from NYT at this address   (you may have to paste it into your browser)




Write a half page analysis answering the question:  Movies, books, advertising, music and many other areas of our  society have changed their views of homosexuality, transgendered persons (and children as well), and their civil rights. After reading the doctor Money case you can see how misunderstanding something can cause terrible    results.

THE QUESTION: why are things changing so fast at this time? Do you think the Presidential race has anything to do with this?


PART 4: Answer all the questions at the end of Case B (chapter 1). This has happened to a number of athletes and celebrities, do some research and find a few of these athletes. List them and their conditions  Things were very different even 5 years ago.  One athlete who revealed he was gay lost all of his contracts and was taken off the Wheaties box. If this happened today, could they treat the athlete like they treated Maria Patino?  Why or why not?

Did this apply to any sports in the Brazil Olympics?


PART 5: Infertility and Assisted reproduction are a GIANT industry today. Read chapter 2.

a) List three causes of infertility in men and three in women. and discuss how each is approached by assisted reproduction specialists today.

b) Could assisted reproduction help couples who are afraid they are carrying a transgendered child?  Explain and give your opinion.

C) THE UK controls the use of assisted reproduction very closely, a couple must be approved before they can use ANY of the techniques. At what age should they cut off use of these procedures?  Do they actually do this?  EXPLAIN.


Don’t forget research, readings, PP et al.

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