Biology Two Essays

I want two essays

Essay one: TRE

Follow the following instructions

a. Rent, buy or share watching the documentary “Racing Extinction” on Netflix (or another source).



b. Take notes as you watch it. Be aware of things that are mentioned as researched, or not.

c. Record your thoughts – this will be used as the first part for a TRE that you will complete regarding this video, and

d. After you have watched the video, research. Find sources for questions/things that interested you. WATCH YOUR SOURCES. Do not use sources with an obvious agenda, such as the beef industry, people that are selling meat-like products, etc. Only use that sources that come reputable places. I will provide an example in class.

e. On the 2nd part of the TRE, talk about your research. What did you find? WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? Cite your sources. Report out on your findings and then tell me what you think. How this affects you – or not. Mad? Sad? Surprised?? Be honest.

Be passionate. No poetry or paintings or sound recordings this time. WRITING ONLY. Minimum 3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font.

Essay two:

Watching the movie “Chasing Coral” and writing a persuasive essay “Chasing Coral Persuasive paper”

Minimum 3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font

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