Case Study On Dolly The Sheep

  1. Describe a case study in detail and explain the major bioethical issue involved
  2. Explain arguments on both sides of a bioethical controversy.
  3. Form a logical conclusion and explain the line of ethical thinking involved.
  4. Describe the bioethical principles of beneficence, maleficence, autonomy, and justice as they relate to a particular bioethical dilemma.
  5. You are required to cite THREE resources for this assignment in proper APA format.
  6. No more than 4 pages


Criteria Excellent  90-100 Good 80-89 Fair 60-79 Failing under 60 Score
Statement of facts of the case  10% Full statement of case facts – who, what, when and why Includes most of the case facts Includes some case facts No performance /10
Statement of the issues in the case 10% All issues stated Some issues stated A few issues stated No performance /10
Discussion of the issues (250 words) demonstrating mastery of the relevant material pertaining to the case. 50% Full discussion of the issues facing each participant Some discussion or some participants discussed Brief mention or discussion of some of the issues No performance /50
Review of ethical framework guiding decisions 10% Full discussion of ethical framework that applies to the scenario Some discussion Brief discussion No performance /10
Statement of your point of view regarding the outcome/ recommendations for future care/decisions 10% Full discussion of outcome and your opinion WITH rationale Some discussion of outcome with rationale Brief discussion of outcome. No discussion of rationale No performance /10
Citations—3 required 5% More than one citation for work read in correct APA format Citation for one resource provided. Format not correct Citations not correctly APA formatted No citations No performance /5


No grammatical or spelling errors Few grammatical or spelling errors Many grammatical or spelling errors No performance /5

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