Developmental And Communication Milestones One Of The First Tasks Infants And Children Must Master Is Communication. The Ability To Communicate Is…

Developmental and Communication Milestones

One of the first tasks infants and children must master is communication. The ability to communicate is an important skill. Infants communicate primarily through crying. Parents and caregivers can become quite adept at interpreting a child’s cry so that they can respond to his or her needs quickly and appropriately.

While nature predisposes humans to language, it is nurture that determines language development. Language development can be facilitated a number of ways: Adults can modify their speech (i.e., child-directed speech, simplified speech) to help young children attend to and learn the important parts of speech and appropriate syntax; play simple games with children that encourage turn-taking (a characteristic of good communication); and use of scaffolding (e.g., repetition) to help children learn the basics of language and communication (Pinker, 2004). The milestones of language development range from pre-language babbling to multi-word phrases and sentences. Individual and cultural differences can affect the rate and form of language within these milestones.

To prepare for this Discussion, select one developmental or communication milestone in infancy and/or toddlerhood.

With these thoughts in mind:

A brief description of the developmental or communication milestone you selected. Then explain the implications of missing or meeting the milestone in terms of normal, advanced, and delayed development. Be sure to include any multicultural and/or diversity considerations.

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