Discussion 1 And 2

Respond by Day 5 to at least two of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

  • Expand on your colleague’s posting regarding the critical issue he or she described.
  • Offer or support an opinion on a contextual influence contributing to the critical issue.
  • Validate an idea with your own experience.

colleague #1 (AB)

I/O psychology is a field of study that focuses on the employment lifecycle through observing, analyzing, and interpreting human behavior in the workplace (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, n.d.). According to MindTools (n.d.) values exist whether they are recognized by an individual or not. More importantly, they are ethical standards of behavior that governs the way an individual lives their life (p. 2). After completing the Personal-Professional Profile survey, my results indicated that my personal values align with that of an Industrial /Organizational (I/O) psychologist. More specifically, they align with the American Psychological Associations Code of Ethics (2010) Principles in relation to the role of an I/O psychologist which was briefly discussed last week such as, integrity.

Therefore, I believe it is necessary to work for an organization or business that has similar values to my own in order to keep alignment personally and professionally and to prevent issues such as, burnout. Brown (2019) exclaimed the World Health Organization declared burnout is officially a medical condition (p.1). Keeping that in mind, symptoms of burnout have been declared as depletion, negativism or cynicism related to the job, and reduced efficacy (Brown, 2019).  As an I/O psychologist, it is essential that we remember that employee alignment has different meanings to different people just as values do (Harrison, 2014). Therefore, embracing alignment is an essential factor to the overall success of an organization as well as, to the individual (Harrison, 2014). Lastly, organizational conflicts I will resolve them by advocating for myself and others, actively listening, brainstorming solutions, etc. As I do now if a conflict arises in my current workplace. In all, my values personal and professional are essential because I believe integrity is legacy and I wish to leave behind a marvelous one.


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colleague #2 (KN)

After completing the survey, my results indicate that my values drive my decision-making. My personal values must align with the values of the organization or it will affect my work ethic and commitment to the company. The values listed as most important for me are family, love, justice and integrity. These values align with the virtues outlined by Aristotle. As mentioned by Crossan, M., Mazutis, D., & Seijts, G. (2013), wisdom, courage, temperance, justice, transcendence and humanity have been designated by philosophers as good character. Virtues are essentially useful qualities based on the individual’s character and thus determine their actions. Maintaining good judgement ultimately effects how a virtuous person would react when faced with a dilemma.

I believe that it is necessary to work for an organization whose values align with your own. A company which places honesty and courage at the bottom of their priorities, would not align with my personal values. This was the case for a previous employer, which resulted in me taking my concerns to management about the dishonesty displayed and ways in which it should be corrected. Ultimately, these issues were not resolved and thus ended with my resignation. With that being said, I believe when conflict arises a company must be open to compromise with their employees and allow opinions to be heard on how to improve the organization.

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