Experimental Design for Biologists Reflection II (Ch. 8-12)

Experimental Design for Biologists Reflection II (Ch. 8-12)

1.     The human genome project was massive scientific undertaking

a.     Was this project framed by a specific hypothesis? Why or why not?


b.     Why was the formulation of reasonable hypotheses about the human genome possible after the project concluded?


2.     Discuss two ways in which the format of a question ultimately helps a scientist approach his/her research in a better way than a hypothesis.


3.     What is an a priori model and how do you think this idea applies to you and your senior research thesis?


4.     What does it mean to “access the inductive space”? How does it fit into the question/model-building framework approach to research?


5.     Sketch an outline of the example study in Chapter 11, illustrating how a project can be framed with a board open-ended question and then narrowed to focus on specific experimental questions. Continue this outline to capture the entire case study.  (hint, try to apply the numbered list of steps provided in that chapter to the specifics of the case study.)


6.     What are two major criticisms of American biology and biomedical research in the present day?

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