Food Microbilogy Fact Sheet.

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Topic: Choose a specific food fermentation.  The writing style is called a “fact sheet”.

In general, fact sheets are about 2-6 pages. Some fact sheets are longer publications that provide more detail on a subject. Your fact sheet should be 3 (single spaced) pages total with any pictures and references.  Fact sheets are research-based, and in general are written for a lay audience.

A fact sheet on fermentation directed at a lay consumer audience would want to convey:

  • General information and/or history of a food fermentation (get their attention)
    • why ferment this food?  nutrition, flavor, health?
    • what is the fermentation process (layman’s terms)
    • are there any food safety hazards
  • How to make this food at home
    • Ingredients
    • Process (Step by step) highlight the steps that are for food safety
    • What is the expected end product? Any precautions.
  • Summary
  • References

Consider presenting a premise or theme in an informative manner (the reader should learn something from your paper).  Keep the depth appropriate to the page limits of 3-6 pages.

Format: “doc” or “docx” upload only.  Single spaced, 12 pt font, Arial typeface.  Yes photos.  2-6 pages. No misspellings. Proper grammar expected.

Organization: Use an introduction, content (broken into divisions as you see fit), a summary, and references.

References: Choose any format for references, but you must be consistent.  Keep in mind that references are cited at the end of the paper.  References are  included in page limit.

professor’s comments:

Your paper is well written on fermentation in general, but there was a lot of missing information on the specific fermentation of sauerkraut. These are the parts of the assignment that I didn’t see in your paper, specific to sauerkraut:
*General information and/or history of a food fermentation
*Why ferment this food? nutrition, flavor, health?
*Are there any food safety hazards?

Also, you should choose a format for your sources (APA, MLA, etc.) instead of just listing the websites.

Read through again for misspelled words.

Everything looks great except there’s no introduction section.

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