Health Nutrition

Read the articles What Minerals Do. Write a 2 paragraph summary (5 sentences each) of what you learned. Watch the health show video on this web page. Write a 2 paragraph (5 sentences each) of the video. What one fact was interesting in the video and why was it? (5 sentences) Click here. Watch the BBC news story Food waste: An unpalatable problem click here Write a 3 paragraph (5 sentences each) summary of the news story. Name 2 facts that you thought were the most important and discuss why you think so.

2. Watch the following Nova video on Replacing Body Parts Click here Write a 3 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of the video. What did you think of the windpipe transplant (5 sentences)? If it becomes possible to grow a new heart, do you think the average person will worry less or more about having a healthy diet and exercising (4 sentences)?


3. Do the following interactive Map of the Human Heart. Click here Watch all 3 parts, step thru, anatomy, and facts. Pick 2 items in each part and write a 3 sentence description of each one. Read the article Fighting Inflammation. Click here. Write a 2 paragraph (5 sentences each) description of this effect for each of the following; heart disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer.


4. At the website, How It’s Made, watch the segments Beet sugarClick here. and Bacon Click here. and Hot Dog Click here Write a 2 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of each segment. What one thing were you surprised by or interested in each segment (3 sentences each).

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