1. Describe the chemical digestion that occurs in the mouth (one sentence).
  2. What is the difference between a) the pharynx and the larynx and b) the esophagus and the trachea? (2 pts)
  3. Cancer patients often get mucositis as a side effect of chemotherapy.  This is a painful inflammation of the innermost layer of the gastrointestinal tract.  This layer is called  the _____________.
  4. What is peristalsis?
  5. How long does it normally take for the stomach to empty?
  6. What is chyme (rhymes with rhyme)?
  7. What does insulin do for the body and from what organ is it produced?
  8. What is hepatitis and what organ is affected?
  9. What are the functions of the large intestine?
  10. In general, what are essential amino acids?
  11. What is heartburn?
  12. What are sphincters and where are 2 located?
  13. Where is the prostate gland located?
  14. In males, what hormone is secreted by the hypothalamus that tells the anterior pituitary to secrete the gonadotropic hormones?
  15. What are the 2 gonadotrophic hormones?
  16. What sex produces the two gonadotrophic hormones identified in the previous question?
  17. Which two organs do the oviducts effectively connect?
  18. In males where specifically are androgens produced?
  19. What function is performed by the seminiferous tubules?
  20. Name the primary sex organs (gonads) for males and females.
  21. Where do sperm mature following production?
  22. How long is a female egg susceptible for fertilization once it enters the oviduct?
  23. In the female what produces gonadotropin-releasing hormone and what does it do?
  24. In the human female reproductive system what is the role of FSH and LH? (2 pts)
  25. Following ovulation, what happens to the vesicular follicle?
  26. What is hCG; when is it produced and in which sex? (3 pts).

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