HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT (the role of peer relationships through the lifespan.  play supports development.  education impacts social development

Topic: Movies and teen pressures. Do movies accurately portray the struggles of teens?

To prepare for this Discussion:

· View one of the movies from the list below.

Movie Options:

· Thirteen

· Kids

· Menace II Society

· The Breakfast Club

· Dazed and Confused

· Rebel without a Cause

· Pleasantville

· Mean Girls

By Wednesday at 11:59pm respond to the following:

· Provide a brief summary of the movie you selected.

· Does this movie offer an accurate depiction of adolescence?

· What themes are represented throughout the film that is discussed in your text on the development of identity and psychosocial development?

· How is peer influence depicted? What does current research say about the social influences of peers? At what age does peer influence peak?

· How do parenting styles affect the adolescent characters?

Share any personal thoughts, not on the acting within the film, but on the issues presented in the film.

Make sure you are reinforcing your stance with valid explanation, relevant research and personal insights.
Reference: List at least one resource (not including your textbook) to substantiate your stance.

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