I Have To Write A 10 Pages Paper For This Biology Class

  • Must be a peer reviewed article (that I have approved of)
  • From Pubmed (or other similar scholarly site)
  • Published within the last 20 years
  • The report will be a summary and critic of the research.
  • 1% for each page written for up to 10%. (double spaced 12 point font)
  • Must include a work cited page with a minimum of 5 other articles cited
  • Must include a scientifically valid critic of paper (i.e. what you would/could have done to improve this research or what are the strengths/weaknesses of this research etc.)
  • I reserve the right to deny any paper/portion of a paper if it is poorly done (ex. “I think this research is really really really really really really really really good” = 0% added to your grade)
  • If you cannot possibly write 10 pages on one article you may request to review an additional paper to get you to 10 pages
  • I cannot stress this enough, if it is garbage you will not get credit for it. If you get to two pages and cannot write anything else, then stop there and request to review an addition paper. If it is not well written, logically and scientifically valid you won’t get the credit.

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