As a culminating project for this course, you will incorporate your previous work into a 25-slide PowerPoint presentation Research Proposal. You are not required to conduct the research that you discuss in your proposal; instead, outline a possible research plan. In your presentation, include the following elements:

  • Title (1 slide)
  • Abstract (1 slide)
  • Purpose of the study (1 slide)
  • Research question(s) (and hypotheses if selecting a quantitative      design) (1–2 slides)
  • Definition of variables and key terms (4 slides      maximum)
  • Operational definitions (i.e., measurable      definitions) of variables
  • Review of the literature (5 slides maximum)
  • Summary of the significant themes that emerged in your      literature review (# of slides as needed)
  • Research design (1 slide)
  • Sampling (1 slide)
  • Methods of data collection (1–2 slides)
  • Data-analysis procedures (2–4 slides)
  • Ethics and human relations (1–2 slides)
  • Timeline (1 slide)
  • Reference list (# of slides as needed)

Follow correct APA format for citations as necessary. See the Research Proposal Grading Rubric for the specific grading criteria.

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