Journal Instructions FOR CHAPTER 1, 2,AND 3. Write 2 Paragraphs Per Chapter For Your Journal Entries.

This journal provides raw material for your two major essays.

The journal is an exercise in applying the principles of various approaches of personality to your life. Post at least one journal entry for each chapter read that week(CHAPTER 1,2, & 3). More posts are welcome, as you make connections and discoveries in your learning.

Journal entries are meant to reflect how you and other people react to day-to-day life situations, both positive and negative. Describe the strategies you and others may use to successfully navigate the challenges of life.

For example, and regarding the writings of A. Ellis, you might want to share how your language habits impact your perception of events (as seen in the four examples listed under the Ellis lecture). Considering Jung, you may address how some archetypes are notable in your character. Be as creative and prolific as possible in making relevant connections between lectures, readings, and your own life experiences.

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