LumaSlim Review

When diets fail, the second thing to remember is that most diets do not do is set rest points. If you have seen a sprinter run the 100 meter sprint, you know that they stop running after they have reached the 100 meter mark. Why? Because they have reached their goal. They do not keep running. Now if you watched them prepare for the meet. They will run full out and then slow down and rest for a bit and then run full out again. When they rest, they keep moving but at a resting pace.

You should have times during your diet when bear down hard on losing body fat and then times when you back off a bit to give your body and mind a break. This system should be so simple you don’t even have to think about it.

When diets fail you should remember that you need to vary your calories and nutrients. If you eat the same way every day or even the same amount of calories every day you are killing your diet because your body adjust very fast to routines and that is the end of your weight loss. Sorry, but that is the way you were made so you have to “trick” your body into fat loss by never presenting it with a strict routine to get used to.

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