NASW Code of Ethics and Values

Values Paper 

Read about the NASW Code of Ethics and Values in your textbook, pages 18-19.  Write a 3-5 page paper in which you explore your own personal value system, and how it fits with social work values and ethics.  Address the following with a paragraph for each:

•          What are the 8 NASW values and corresponding ethics?

•          What are your core values?

•          Where/how did you learn these values?

•          In what areas do your values agree with social work values?

•          In what areas do your values diverge from social work values?

•          How might any areas of difference between your values and social work values affect your ability to practice social work?

All papers are to be submitted via Canvas.  Written APA or MLA style, double spaced using professional writing skills.

Page 1

Your introductory paragraph is important

It should be at least 3 sentences

First sentence is something that is going to make the reader want to read the paper.  Example sentence could be, “Values are a part of every profession, and social workers adhere to values that are both honored and devalued in society.”

Second and Third + sentences discuss what you will cover in your paper (the six bulleted points above), mentioned in the correct order that you will structure your paper.

Page 1-2

Identify each of the eight NASW values, along with an example so I know you have an understanding of the value.  You can put four values into each paragraph, and that will probably take 1-2 pages.

Page 3

What are your core values and how did you learn these?  Try to list at least three and who/how you learned them.

Page 4-5

In what areas do your values agree with the eight NASW social work values, and then follow this with how they might oppose social work values.  Usually social workers have a value that might oppose a social work value, so no shame in discussing this.  Rather, it’s good to know!  End this section with some thoughts on how any values differences might affect you as a professional social worker.  The last paragraph of the paper summarizes what you’ve discussed and how congruent overall your personal values are with the values of a social worker.


For those of you who have some difficulty with grammar, sentence construction, or just getting your thoughts down on paper, there is a Writing Lab in the library, and a specialist can assist. You may avoid a drop in your grade by going through this step.  Also, you’ll learn some things that will improve your writing.

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