Nutrition Questions Need In 1 Hour

I need these in one hour!


Question 49

Explain HOW metabolically physical activity improves type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Be specific.




Question 48

Given the additional information about eating disorders, which eating disorder is most common?


According to NEDA, what is the best way to approach a friend you are concerned may have an eating disorder?




Question 47

Describe how the body uses carbohydrate, protein, and fat during physical activity. Include a discussion on how intensity of exercise alters the fuel type used by the body.





Question 46

Your friend knows you are taking a nutrition class and asks what is the best way to eat!  Paleo?  Vegetarian?  What would you say and what reasoning would you give?






Question 45

Why is overnutrition a global concern, and how did it become so?








Question 44

What are persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and how do they enter our food supply? In what ways can they cause illness? Describe at least two different types of toxins common as POPs.

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Question 43

Discuss three key challenges in developing global solutions to malnutrition. Then describe at least three responses to the challenges. Which long-term solutions, if any, appear most promising to you, and why?


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