One Page Microbiology

I need it in 24  hour maximum one page but  answering the all questions   and use tow  reference in correct APA format that i can find online for free this not writing homework  please read all the  assigment before sign the handshake

The immune system is a major defense of the body against potentially invading microorganisms. This will be the topic of the Discussion Board this week. Please watch the following video entitled, ‘Human Defenses’. There will be two parts to the response you will post to the Discussion Board. Please be careful to read these directions carefully.

Here are the specific directions for the Module week:

1). Access the web site for the video.

2). Scroll down to ‘Individual Program Descriptions’.

3). Locate the correct video for the week.

Module                Video                           Video #

Module 9           Human Defenses                11


4). Click on the  ‘VoD’ button to begin watching the video.

– Discuss at least 3 specific points you found very interesting in the video. Do not just list topics or facts here, but discuss them, in detail, so that your peers can respond to your post and add to the discussion.

– In addition, one of the topics presented in this video is ‘vaccines’. Pretend that you are the parent of a pre-school child. One day, while picking your child up from pre-school, you begin a conversation with another parent. The controversial topic of vaccination comes up, and the other parent argues against it. How do you respond? Please support your opinion with at least 2 scientific references.

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