Parasitic Protists – Protozoan Diseases

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Research Topic: Parasitic Protists – protozoan diseases
1) Research: Name three common diseases caused by protoazoans.
2) Choose one parasitic protist to go into more depth with.
3) For the parasitic protist you have chosen –
a) What is the type of protist (superclade/clade) ?
b) What is the life cycle of the protist – include how it is transmitted to humans.
c) What are the symptoms of the disease?
d) What is the most effective way to prevent the transmission to humans?
e) If a human is infected, what are some common treatments?
f) Why are protozoan infections more difficult to treat than bacterial infections?
4) Answer these questions – include evidence to support your opinion:
a) What role, if any do you think that the United States should play in the prevention and treatment of these types of diseases?
b) What is the most effective way to treat these diseases? (Prevention/Drugs/Education)
c) Why do developing countries (formerly known as third world) have a higher incidence of parasitic protist infections than developed countries?

Use MLA citation for your sources

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