Patterns Of Variation

 Lesson 13: “Patterns of Variation” The lesson begins with comments on some instances of ethnic genocide that have occurred in the past in the Sudan, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Nazi Germany during World War II. It relates these occurrences to the concept of “race,” a concept based on physical differences between groups. It defines the everyday usage of the word “race” and includes its biological definition, which leads to the conclusion that the word and concept of “race” cannot apply to Homo sapiens because, as is well understood, there are no subspecies of Homo sapiens. The video then briefly explains the historical context of how the concept of race emerged among European explorers during the 16th century. It explains that today anthropologists and scholars look beyond visible physical differences to explain human variation. Using the example of a Somali family, the lesson describes how science now explains skin color shifts as a response to geographical regions called clines. The phenotypic variation of skin tones in Africa is demonstrated to illustrate this perspective. The video describes how the sickle-cell allele began & how it has become adaptive in malarial regions. The concept that humans are products of biocultural evolution is discussed, as well as the latest theoretical viewpoints on the “thrifty gene” hypothesis.

HEADS UP! —> Lesson 13 corresponds to Ch. 6 of textbook. <—   See attached ppt. slides for this chapter.

Now, choose any two of these topics to discuss;

a. From what you have learned here, discuss how cultural & scientific views of human variation have evolved over time.
b. Describe how the field of population genetics uncovers & analyzes genetic variation within & between human populations.
c. Explain how biological plasticity & adaptability allow humans to survive & thrive in diverse environments.

While responding to the question/s, you may refer to the reading as necessary, but do make sure to focus your post on the lesson content. Quote or make explicit references to what the big name commentators say in the lesson.

When you see terms presented onscreen, take note, get the definition/meaning,

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