Photosynthesis Is The Process In Which Plants Take Sunlight Energy And Convert Into Chemical Energy (ATP)

Photosynthesis is the process in which plants take sunlight energy and convert into chemical energy (ATP). Using special organelles called chloroplasts; plants will undergo a conversion that results in the formation of ATP, a carbohydrate and oxygen. Th




This is a Lab report quiz questions. I will send the Lab experiement result that you use to answer this questions. Please I need  a straight answers and orderly according to the questions. I expect a excellent Lab report answers. The Lab experiment and result is attached below the questions.



1.  Calculate the % number of disks floating (%NDF) for each of the Control (water) and Treatment groups (NaHCO3).  (2 pts.) This information may be placed in a Table using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

  • show your work!
  • refer to the class notes re:  how to do this…


2.  Neatly graph experimental results.  (2 pts.)

  • graph paper and add a title and a legend to the graph
  • Microsoft Excel


3.  What was the overarching QUESTION addressed by the lab exercise?  (0.5 pt.)


4.  State “null” (H0) and “alternative” (HA) HYPOTHESES.  (0.5 pt.)


5.  State your PREDICTION in “If…., then…” format, and based upon your knowledge of Photosythesis

     from our class discussion.  (0.5 pt.)


6. As a follow-on to the previous question and in the context of the experiment you performed in class…Aside from affecting “aesthetics” and habitat for animals, why  are plant and conservation scientists worried about the effects of “clear cutting” (i.e., cutting down forests for development) in combination with rising CO2 levels?  (2 pts.)

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