Psychology Assignment.

Here you have several attachments:

1. an attachment that has the 8 questions that you will answer in 3 pages MINIMUM.

2. An attachment that has supporting graphs and statistical numbers that you will use to support your answers for some questions.

3. 8 powepoints that contain some headnotes that you will use as the answer and expand it and discuss it more in deep details.

4.  Two attachments for chapters 1 and 2 that also will help you answer questions # 2, 3.

5. An attachment that will help you answer questions# 7,8.


** You will have to Answer ALL eight (8) questions. Responses must reflect information from the attached materials and. Power points provide Headnotes for the answers that you have to expand more and more through researching to reach the required pages for each question. Responses should be a MINIMUM of three (3) typed, double-spaced pages for each question. Number each question and response.

NOTE: Writing has to be clear and easy to understand not complicated.

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