State Health Policy Review

State Health Policy Review

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You will utilize the following websites for this assignment:

All the information is available in the Surveys and Data

The Kaiser Family link still works but you will need to dig around a little

You are tasked to review the information on your current state of residency and compare your state healthcare with one ranked higher and one ranked lower by the commonwealth Fund website. You should look at least at total expenditure, total insured, federal Medicaid/ Medicare expenditure, Average cost per resident, State matching rate for federal dollars, etc.

After your comparison, reflect upon the differences in healthcare between your state and the two comparative states, and how we as a nation can provide equal, accessible, and affordable healthcare for all citizens. There is no length requirement and all papers will be graded on thoroughness of the comparison and the reflective thought.

Please see the attached instructions and rubric for further details.

Please try for a 500-750 Word Paper. Not Less

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