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This assignment is in different category, Please read the instruction carefully before you answer all the questions

1. Read John, Loewenstein, and Prelec’s (2012) article to answer “Assignment #6b, John et al summary”

2. a. Listen to Act One of NPR’s This American Life’s (August 16, 2013) episode, to answer Assignment 6b, Heifer International

3 Watch CBS News New York’s (March 6, 2015) YouTube, “Volunteers Become Human Guinea Pigs for Medical Research.” To answer “Assignment #6b, Human Guinea Pig” forum

4 Watch Boston Children’s Hospital’s (April 18, 2012) YouTube, “Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience – Gaab’s Lab to answer “Assignment #6b: volunteering your child

All the links were in the document in the browse files. Please open the brows file before you start the paper. please use google scholar for your search machine.

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