Translational Research Assignment 

Translational Research Assignment 

Determine an EBP related issue/problem and develop a burning clinical question which is translational research-based.

This must relate to a clinical site of your choice

Complete the template. Use complete sentences and give short/brief answers for each element.


This is a Word Document. USE this template only.

Problem recognition/statement (See Z&W Chapter 10 of 2nd Ed., p. 425)

What is the burning question or practice issue? What is the scope of the problem

20 pt
PICOT components (see M&F Chapter 2)

P (population)


I (Intervention, independent variable)


C (comparison, control group or current practice)


O (outcomes, independent variable)


T (time or duration of implementation)



20 pt
Research Question: using the elements of the PICOT, write the research question. Remember all of the PICOT elements must relate to each other.





20 pt
What evidence must be gathered from the literature?

Includes literature review, current standards, guidelines, expert opinion, patient preferences, clinical expertise, financial analysis

20 pt
References used for this assignment: Use APA format





20 pt




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