Week 3 Discussion 2 MGT 505

“Cultural Influences.”  Please respond to the following:


You are meeting with an international client in the Middle East and want to make sure you have addressed any cultural issues that might impact the success of your meeting.


Numerous theorists discuss cultural concepts. Using this information as a basis, discuss the concepts you would want to analyze and evaluate in order to prepare you and other company executives for the upcoming meeting.




Which of the concepts you discussed would be the hardest to analyze? Why?


Describe a worst case scenario involving the muddling of culture concepts. What steps could you (or your company) take to ensure something similar never happens to you?

Week 1 Discussion 1 MGT 505




Week 1 Discussion 2 MGT 505




Week 2 Discussion 1 MGT 505




Week 2 Discussion 2 MGT 505




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Week 3 Discussion 2 MGT 505




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