Women and Heart Disease

Women and Heart Disease ….Title





Prompt One-Provide an overview of women’s health as it relates to myocardial infarction.


Prompt Two- Discuss the implications for the high mortality rate related to myocardial infarction among women.


Prompt Three-Identify nurse education related to heart disease prevention.


Prompt Four-Discuss the impact that Obama Care will have on the healthcare of women, specifically preventative healthcare.


Prompt Five-As a future nurse (must include the three roles of the nurse), how would you plan to address this issue?












Directions for the paper/writing assignment:




    1. You want to prepare this assignment in APA 6th edition format, must have at least five sources-two-three recent articles and at least two internet sources. You cannot use WebMD, HealthyMinds, emedicinehealth or Wikipedia. You need to use a quality internet source that has an identified author or Nationally/Internationally recognized organization.
    2. Must have an introduction and conclusion
    3. Use the questions for this assignment as subheadings in APA format. The question prompts serve as the body of the paper.
    4. Paper should be five (5) page excluding cover and reference page







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